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Eric Solan September 22nd, 2016

New Feature: Awesome Search

We are proud to announce a new feature that will let you search all of your projects, contacts, tasks and transactions in one shot.

New Features

  • Our new Awesome Search sits at the top of the site and shows instantaneous results as you type your search keywords or numeric values.

  • The four search types are broken down into columns allowing you to quickly jump to anywhere in your flow that you need do.

  • Search for numeric amounts to quickly jump to any transaction

Eric Solan Unpublished

Update: December Updates - Task Filters, Default Currency and more

Happy Holidays, we've released some cool tweaks, settings and features that should improve your experience a bit.

New Features

  • Default account currency - go to your Settings page to set your default currency which will affect the way money is displayed on tasks, projects and reports

  • Default task filters - we've added another setting so users can now set a default view for tasks - All or Only Incomplete. This will be honored on the project page and users can easily change the filter manually at any time