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Eric SolanEric SolanAugust 25th, 2017

New Feature: Status reports and progress summary feature

After many user interviews and conversations, we realized a forgotten part of working on projects is constantly answering the question "What's the status of that project?"

To automate this, we've created a new landing page for your projects that automatically pulls in all of your milestones along with the completion progress, a list of the last 3 tasks that were completed, a list of the next "on-deck" tasks, and an area for you to type in quick progress reports.

Nothing beats an automated process, so we combined that with a slight personal touch by allowing you to quickly report the current status of the project in a few words, and in one click you can email the entire summary to anyone.

To use the feature, log into and go to one of your projects. From there you can quickly post a new status update and click the blue link to email the summary. Feel free to email one to yourself first to check it out.



New Features

  • Create new project status updates with title, description and status

  • View your status updates and progress on your project landing page

  • Email your progress to any clients or collaborators

Eric SolanEric SolanApril 12th, 2017

Update: New dashboard including Focus-Tasks

In an effort to keep changes flowing out of Keeptab, we have totally revamped your user dashboard and created some awesome new features that will help you prioritize your tasks. All task trackers offer you the ability to dump your projects and tasks in, and simply organize them. This just simply isn't enough.


At Keeptab, we've decided to go a step further. The hardest part about working through a never-ending list of tasks is figuring out what to work on first, and how to constantly have an impact. This is why we invented an algorithm that analyzes your tasks and projects and now determines what you should work on, ordered by priority.

Using elements found in the Eisenhower Matrix, you can now choose the level of Urgency and Impact each task will have, on a scale from 1 (minimal) to 5 (maximum). Our system will take these ratings into consideration, along with due date, whether or not you checked the "Important" box, and a few other bits of meta-data to determine which tasks will have the greatest impact.


New Features

  • Focus-tasks on your dashboard that highlight tasks that will have the most impact upon completion

  • New "Account Analysis" section of any Business-plan user that breaks down a quick report of revenue vs expenses. It will also analyze your most profitable projects and clients

  • Recent Projects section has been added to your dashboard

  • Ability to rank the Urgency and Impact each task will have, which plays into the prioritization on your dashboard

  • Ability to snooze tasks on your dashboard so they don't show for a few days


  • New table-view has been added for transactions on Business-type projects

  • All new hi-res dashboard backgrounds have been added to your settings page

Eric SolanEric SolanFebruary 22nd, 2017

New Feature: Project Taskboards - a Kanban view

ntil now, Keeptab users have only been able to view their tasks as checklists broken down by sub-project. We've now introduced a second view called Task Board. Essentially you can now view your sub-projects and tasks as draggable swimlanes.


By selecting the Task Board view, you can now drag and drop tasks so they are in priority order, as well as shuffle around your swimlanes. Combined with our new Task Filter dropdown, you can customize your view in multiple ways.

We are now also investigating calendar views as well as the Eisenhower Matrix as future views to offer.

New Features

  • Task Board view for tasks

  • Incomplete, Complete and Important task filters

  • Important flag for tasks

  • Drag and drop interface for tasks and subprojects on Task Board view


  • Better mobile support for viewing tasks

  • Mobile drag and drop functionality for Task Boards

  • We've reduced the size of the header on the single-project page to give tasks more room


  • Users couldn't drop down subprojects on mobile, this is now fixed

  • Fix for users who couldn't upload project images

Eric SolanEric SolanDecember 16th, 2016

New Feature: Project Templates Are Here

We have released a new feature that will allow users to create project templates based on current workflows. This will allow everyone to create common task-lists and shared workflows as a template to base new projects off.

Project templates are useful for web developers, for example, who have many projects that similarly have 3 or 4 phases with the same or similar tasks per phase. A user can simply create a project to reflect this or create a template from an older project. Then, when new projects arise, the user can simply click on the project template and click "Create a new project from this template" and all the work is done for you.

New Features

  • Save any project as a template

  • Save any template as a new project


  • Coming soon: a public marketplace where users could share and download community-submitted project templates

Eric SolanEric SolanNovember 24th, 2016

New Feature: Income Reports

We have finally added reporting to Keeptab. Only 3 reports exist for our initial launch, but we have many other reports and report types that have been requested of our Premium members.


New Features

  • Gross Income report

  • Profit by project report - see which projects make you the most money

  • Profit by contact report - see which customers make you the most money

Eric SolanEric SolanNovember 18th, 2016

Update: Modify task details in-app

Users can now click tasks in the List View and a sidebar will slide out allowing them to modify the details of the task without leaving the page or view they are currently on. We feel this will make things a lot smoother and easier to manage.


New Features

  • Click any task to slide-out the details

  • Toggle between sub-projects and tasks much easier

  • Click the Expand icon to now view all tasks full-screen

Eric SolanEric SolanNovember 9th, 2016

Update: Introducing Task filters

Due to high demand, we've created a new feature to allow users to filter by All Tasks, Completed Tasks and Incomplete Tasks on the project page. This will surely give everyone an easier way to sort through subprojects and tasks to find exactly what you're looking for

New Features

  • New "Display" dropdown to allow users to filter tasks by All Tasks, Completed Tasks or Incomplete Tasks


  • We've added some new functionality to the "Edit Project' card, allowing users to toggle Project Type between Personal and Business and also a new button to Go To Project


  • Mobile experience has been improved by removing unnecessary padding on mobile devices. Also contact-cards have been revamped for mobile devices

  • Bugfix when users are adding a new project from the dashboard, the Recent Projects sidebar wasn't auto-refreshing properly

Eric SolanEric SolanNovember 8th, 2016

Update: Customized Site Experience - Personal vs Business

Some of the great feedback we've gotten lately included the desire for our users to be able to customize their website experience. Some users are looking to track personal projects and tasks, and others are looking to track work they receive income for.

We've rolled out a new feature that allows users to custom-set the experience they'd like to use. Users can even set the experience per-project.

We hope this exciting new feature will give users the flexibility they are looking for.

Personal project view


Business project view


New Features

  • Ability for users to choose a default site experience in Settings

  • Ability to modify the Experience per-project

  • Personal experience focuses on tasks and organization

  • Business experience focuses on transactions


  • New "Project Completed' animation shows once users have completed all tasks for a project


  • The main initial tour has had some new updates to allow it to perform better on mobile devices

  • Fix for tasks - descriptions were not properly showing on the details card

Eric SolanEric SolanOctober 14th, 2016

Update: Sample data for new users

We have added a whole bunch of sample projects, contacts, tasks and transactions for new users to help them get the idea of how our app works. The current samples are pretty relevant for someone in the tech-industry who might use our app to manage their projects, but in the future we'd like to allow new users to choose what profession they are in and add sample data specific to their needs.

New Features

  • Sample projects, contacts, tasks and transactions for new users

  • Hangouts-style initials for contacts and projects that don't have images

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

Update: Slack integration is now available

We have integrated with Slack to tie two very important business tools together. Users can now visit the Addons page to turn on the Slack integration. Once it is enabled, you can choose which channels to post notifications to when the actions below happen.

New Features

  • Slack notification when new projects are created

  • Slack notification when new contacts are created

  • Slack notification when new transactions are posted

  • Slack notification when tasks are completed


  • In the future we will allow slack messages to be customized per project

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

Update: Keeptab now has Multi-User Support

Great news! Keeptab now has multi-user support for teams. Users can sign up for a regular account and invite team members to share projects, contacts, transactions, tasks and reports.

New Features

  • Invite multiple users to view your assets

  • Teams can share projects, contacts, transactions, tasks


  • We will soon be adding granular permissions so teams can restrict members to certain areas and actions

  • We are currently working on a feature to allow non-team members to share projects with clients and contractors to give them insight into progress

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

New Feature: Users can now log in with FB and Google

We have successfully integrated Facebook and Google social authentication with Keeptab. Users can now create accounts and log in securely under the protection of OAuth 2.0. For more information visit

New Features

  • Google Authentication

  • Facebook Authentication

  • OAuth 2.0


  • Fix for special characters in passwords

  • Fix for mobile devices

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

Update: New users can now take a self-guided tour of Keeptab

To aid in the education of our product for new users, the team has created a self-guided tour that walks users through setting up their account. The process allows users to set up their team, create a first project and contact and even to enter a first transaction.

The tour then continues onto an educational section that explains how users can leverage Keeptab for project and contact management. We hope this will cut down the amount of support needed as giving users a self-guided way to learn our app through actually setting it up is a much better and valuable experience.

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

Update: Tasks have some new additions

We've reworked tasks a bit to accommodate some user feedback.

New Features

  • Tasks can now have deadlines

  • Overdue tasks are highlighted

  • Tasks can now be organized into sub-projects, allowing you to put tasks into logical groups within a project

  • You can now reorder tasks

  • You can now assign particular contacts to tasks to keep track of who you worked with to get that task done

  • Tasks can now have budgets, so you can keep track of extra payments you received for project additions

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

New Feature: Income vs Expenses report on Dashboard

We've added a new report to your dashboard that will show you a quick overview of your gross profits vs expenses. This report allows you to toggle between daily, weekly and monthly view to get a good grip on money coming in vs money going out to subcontractors etc.

In the future we will allow you to look at reports in depth based on projects and contacts

New Features

  • Income vs Expenses report

  • Project Analysis quick view