Eric Solan February 22nd, 2017

New Feature: Project Taskboards - a Kanban view

ntil now, Keeptab users have only been able to view their tasks as checklists broken down by sub-project. We've now introduced a second view called Task Board. Essentially you can now view your sub-projects and tasks as draggable swimlanes.


By selecting the Task Board view, you can now drag and drop tasks so they are in priority order, as well as shuffle around your swimlanes. Combined with our new Task Filter dropdown, you can customize your view in multiple ways.

We are now also investigating calendar views as well as the Eisenhower Matrix as future views to offer.

New Features

  • Task Board view for tasks

  • Incomplete, Complete and Important task filters

  • Important flag for tasks

  • Drag and drop interface for tasks and subprojects on Task Board view


  • Better mobile support for viewing tasks

  • Mobile drag and drop functionality for Task Boards

  • We've reduced the size of the header on the single-project page to give tasks more room


  • Users couldn't drop down subprojects on mobile, this is now fixed

  • Fix for users who couldn't upload project images