Eric Solan April 12th, 2017

Update: New dashboard including Focus-Tasks

In an effort to keep changes flowing out of Keeptab, we have totally revamped your user dashboard and created some awesome new features that will help you prioritize your tasks. All task trackers offer you the ability to dump your projects and tasks in, and simply organize them. This just simply isn't enough.


At Keeptab, we've decided to go a step further. The hardest part about working through a never-ending list of tasks is figuring out what to work on first, and how to constantly have an impact. This is why we invented an algorithm that analyzes your tasks and projects and now determines what you should work on, ordered by priority.

Using elements found in the Eisenhower Matrix, you can now choose the level of Urgency and Impact each task will have, on a scale from 1 (minimal) to 5 (maximum). Our system will take these ratings into consideration, along with due date, whether or not you checked the "Important" box, and a few other bits of meta-data to determine which tasks will have the greatest impact.


New Features

  • Focus-tasks on your dashboard that highlight tasks that will have the most impact upon completion

  • New "Account Analysis" section of any Business-plan user that breaks down a quick report of revenue vs expenses. It will also analyze your most profitable projects and clients

  • Recent Projects section has been added to your dashboard

  • Ability to rank the Urgency and Impact each task will have, which plays into the prioritization on your dashboard

  • Ability to snooze tasks on your dashboard so they don't show for a few days


  • New table-view has been added for transactions on Business-type projects

  • All new hi-res dashboard backgrounds have been added to your settings page