Eric Solan August 25th, 2017

New Feature: Status reports and progress summary feature

After many user interviews and conversations, we realized a forgotten part of working on projects is constantly answering the question "What's the status of that project?"

To automate this, we've created a new landing page for your projects that automatically pulls in all of your milestones along with the completion progress, a list of the last 3 tasks that were completed, a list of the next "on-deck" tasks, and an area for you to type in quick progress reports.

Nothing beats an automated process, so we combined that with a slight personal touch by allowing you to quickly report the current status of the project in a few words, and in one click you can email the entire summary to anyone.

To use the feature, log into and go to one of your projects. From there you can quickly post a new status update and click the blue link to email the summary. Feel free to email one to yourself first to check it out.



New Features

  • Create new project status updates with title, description and status

  • View your status updates and progress on your project landing page

  • Email your progress to any clients or collaborators