Eric Solan November 8th, 2016

Update: Customized Site Experience - Personal vs Business

Some of the great feedback we've gotten lately included the desire for our users to be able to customize their website experience. Some users are looking to track personal projects and tasks, and others are looking to track work they receive income for.

We've rolled out a new feature that allows users to custom-set the experience they'd like to use. Users can even set the experience per-project.

We hope this exciting new feature will give users the flexibility they are looking for.

Personal project view


Business project view


New Features

  • Ability for users to choose a default site experience in Settings

  • Ability to modify the Experience per-project

  • Personal experience focuses on tasks and organization

  • Business experience focuses on transactions


  • New "Project Completed' animation shows once users have completed all tasks for a project


  • The main initial tour has had some new updates to allow it to perform better on mobile devices

  • Fix for tasks - descriptions were not properly showing on the details card