Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

Update: Keeptab now has Multi-User Support

Great news! Keeptab now has multi-user support for teams. Users can sign up for a regular account and invite team members to share projects, contacts, transactions, tasks and reports.

New Features

  • Invite multiple users to view your assets

  • Teams can share projects, contacts, transactions, tasks


  • We will soon be adding granular permissions so teams can restrict members to certain areas and actions

  • We are currently working on a feature to allow non-team members to share projects with clients and contractors to give them insight into progress

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

New Feature: Users can now log in with FB and Google

We have successfully integrated Facebook and Google social authentication with Keeptab. Users can now create accounts and log in securely under the protection of OAuth 2.0. For more information visit

New Features

  • Google Authentication

  • Facebook Authentication

  • OAuth 2.0


  • Fix for special characters in passwords

  • Fix for mobile devices

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

Update: New users can now take a self-guided tour of Keeptab

To aid in the education of our product for new users, the team has created a self-guided tour that walks users through setting up their account. The process allows users to set up their team, create a first project and contact and even to enter a first transaction.

The tour then continues onto an educational section that explains how users can leverage Keeptab for project and contact management. We hope this will cut down the amount of support needed as giving users a self-guided way to learn our app through actually setting it up is a much better and valuable experience.

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

Update: Tasks have some new additions

We've reworked tasks a bit to accommodate some user feedback.

New Features

  • Tasks can now have deadlines

  • Overdue tasks are highlighted

  • Tasks can now be organized into sub-projects, allowing you to put tasks into logical groups within a project

  • You can now reorder tasks

  • You can now assign particular contacts to tasks to keep track of who you worked with to get that task done

  • Tasks can now have budgets, so you can keep track of extra payments you received for project additions

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

New Feature: Income vs Expenses report on Dashboard

We've added a new report to your dashboard that will show you a quick overview of your gross profits vs expenses. This report allows you to toggle between daily, weekly and monthly view to get a good grip on money coming in vs money going out to subcontractors etc.

In the future we will allow you to look at reports in depth based on projects and contacts

New Features

  • Income vs Expenses report

  • Project Analysis quick view

Eric SolanEric SolanSeptember 22nd, 2016

New Feature: Awesome Search

We are proud to announce a new feature that will let you search all of your projects, contacts, tasks and transactions in one shot.

New Features

  • Our new Awesome Search sits at the top of the site and shows instantaneous results as you type your search keywords or numeric values.

  • The four search types are broken down into columns allowing you to quickly jump to anywhere in your flow that you need do.

  • Search for numeric amounts to quickly jump to any transaction